The Investment Facilitation Forum is a platform for enterprises and organisations involved in investment facilitation at a global level. Member companies of IFF assist investors in the management and proper administration of their cross-border investments.


We aim to contribute to the debate on international investment flows at global, EU and national level by providing qualitative information about global investment facilitation to policymakers, media and the public.


Our ambition is to increase public understanding of global investment facilitation and the value of these activities. We are committed to working with authorities and stakeholders all over the world to ensure a balanced legal framework for the facilitation of investments.

What are
Investment Hubs

Investment hubs are countries or territories that facilitate the flow of international investments thanks to a stable legal and political environment, a sound financial infrastructure, and a highly professional ecosystem.

The value of
Investment Hubs

Investments Investment hubs play a crucial role in the global economy. By reducing risks linked to cross-border investments, they facilitate international investments and enable investments in developing countries, maximise the return for institutional investors, and act as compliance gatekeepers in the international financial system.


What is investment facilitation?

By investment facilitation we mean the administration, paper work, governance, and legal compliance that is related to setting up corporate structures. Our member companies assist investors in the management and proper administration of their cross-border investments to allow them to focus on their core business.

Who is member of the IFF?

The Investment Facilitation Forum (IFF) represents three leading companies in the investment facilitation business: IQ EQ, TMF Group, and Vistra.